Building a change capability in a Global QSR business

This Global QSR business wanted to overhaul its change capability, with a dedicated team, a standardised approach and better alignment with strategic priorities.

Whilst an internal change director was in place and making progress, we were asked to come in and design and accelerate the internal change capability. The challenge was to build a dedicated capability which didn’t slow things down, or add significant cost to the business, but enabled a step change in how things were done.

Our impact

We built a case for change, based on reducing the amount of projects the business was doing whilst focusing more effort on those areas which the strategy had defined as priorities. We pulled together a cross functional working group and took them through a staged process; first of all understanding what works and doesn’t  work today, then building some principles, before designing an initial solution which covered business planning and strategic alignment process, governance, central team structure and roles, process, toolkit and methodology.

We then worked with the exec to agree a prioritisation framework which meant that rather than nailing down entire programmes, the teams had the ability to reprioritise what they wanted to focus on, allowing them to adjust to changing circumstances whilst still delivering on their targets.

This meant a direct relationship between strategy and project executed; it created a consistent way of delivering change across the business, and created  a path to deliver more projects in less time without creating something overbearing or expensive.

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