Embedding change in a global airport services company

This airport services company had acquired a number of different businesses and sites; over time this meant that there was very little consistency of structure, process, or policy globally. Additionally, employee retention had decreased and the quality of service had also dropped due to a purely financial focus from the business.

The project started out with the aim of producing a suggestion for an ideal structure for each site, to encourage consistency and improvement of experience for both customers and employees. However, it quickly emerged during our primary research that more material and sustained impact could be created by focusing on improving the culture of the business through a number of recommendations that spanned management, structure, capability, systems, and behaviours.

Our impact

Our approach consisted of: conducting focus interviews with the executive committee and station managers globally; visiting stations and observing their processes, as well as speaking to all key team members in each station; running a global survey of all general managers; an in-depth look at competitors to establish best practice.

The impact that the project had as a result of the shift towards a more holistic approach to culture was more widespread than anticipated. The results generated were: a suggestion for how to structure and segment the sites according to size; a new capability model for large and small sites; a plan for how the sites should be managed and supported; a balanced scorecard to encourage a move away from purely financially driven behaviours. The outputs have been incorporated into the executive team’s plan for change under the new CEO.

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